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It takes millions of dollars to create top quality, mobile, family friendly games.

Once you have a game it takes time, effort and money to make sure those games are placed into the best markets like the Apple App Store and the GooglePlay Store.

This is a barrier to entry for most people to participate in the games business. However YOBSN games has a solution. We have found that there is a simple formula that the most successful games business follow.

  1. Invite people to play free games
  2. People make in-game purchases
  3. The game owners make money

Now, for the first time, a top games developer, YOBSN Games, is offering you a product that will allow you to share 25% of the net revenues of the in-game purchases from the people you invite to play.

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Why YOBSN Games?

Why will people select YOBSN Mobile Games over other games in the app stores?

The answer is: we have an unfair advantage…

Mobile gamer players look at three things first when considering a game:

  1. Was the game recommended to me by anyone else?
  2. Has the game had a large number of downloads?
  3. Does the game have a large number of positive reviews?

The YOBSN Games Owner Advantages:

  • YOBSN Mobile Games are all triple-A, top quality games
  • YOBSN Mobile Games are 100% Family Friendly Games – safe for all ages
  • YOBSN Mobile Games have built-in prizes for the player
  • YOBSN Mobile Games have matching prizes for the person who referred the prize winner
  • YOBSN Mobile Games integrate avatars and social points across all of their games
  • YOBSN Mobile Games make the product owner look like a hero
  • The large number of YOBSN Games Product owners creates massive downloads
  • And massive downloads of great games creates large numbers of positive reviews

We’ve cracked the code on how to build your own Social Empire
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YOBSN Games is making it easy for you to create revenue from others having
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YOBSN Games are the only games to share their revenues with the rest of us!


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